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With ever-increasing digitization of customer relations, retail banking networks must redesign their local branches in order to provide new services. While remaining at the heart of client operations, branches must become equipped to deliver more profitable interactions.
Fichet Group - Bank

A wide range of formats

New branch formats vary from proximity outlets with a focus on customer relations to concept stores acting as flagships and offering a high level of services; they can even be "roaming branches" travelling to where clients need to find them. This means a wide range of possibilities but the same need for tailor-made security solutions.

Optimizing your security model

Beyond financial/transactional risks, the current rise in vandalism and aggressive behaviour creates a series of new or increased threats to be contained. Fichet solutions enable the optimization of your security response in precise correspondence with the transformation of your network.

Modelling, monitoring and anticipating risks

Whatever your own security model, Fichet’s centralized alarm and access monitoring platforms facilitate the management of all processes involved.

Fichet Group - Bank - Electronic Security
  • Structuring information feedback from your network within a single unified security management system
  • Enabling intelligent use of all gathered data in order to optimize services delivered to operatives
  • Real-time management of access rights and prerogatives for mobile populations—with full automation of processes

Cash management flows

Our professional cash management solutions are designed to adapt to branch-specific volumes and types of cash transactions.

Fichet Group - Cash Management
  • Simplifying and protecting daily transactions, from cash withdrawals to deposits or transfers of documents and valuables
  • Encouraging loyalty via customized services
  • Reducing cash management costs with self-service solutions and optimized processes
  • Enhancing your SDL offer with adaptable vaults easier to install and greater accessibility

Keeping in touch with your clients

Our mobile secure enclosures offer an innovative, flexible and cost-effective solution to create spaces for temporary or even travelling branches.

Fichet Group - Bank
  • Ensuring continuity of operations with peace of mind and unchanged quality of service during renovation works
  • Enabling proximity to customers by allowing you to create interactive stands during special events
  • Supporting brand presence in both rural and urban areas with turnkey spaces such as customized kiosks or drive-in ATMs

Protecting branch infrastructures

For facade protection as well for technical areas, Fichet security doors, windows and walls are fully adaptable to the existing architecture.

Fichet Group - Cash Management - Bank
  • Reinforcing exposed facades against external attacks (vandalism, street mayhem or heists)
  • Defending technical areas and protecting both branch staff and valuables
  • Filtering access to reception areas in accordance with your processes while preserving accessibility (incl. for emergency evacuations)

Ever closer to your clients

FIchet Group - ESM
Proximity services

Mobile enclosures

Mobile secure enclosures allow for the creation of tailor-made temporary branches preserving your brand image during renovation works—with full and secure continuity of operations.

Fichet Group - DFX
Retail professionals


Self-service deposits under secure envelopes. Professional clients can bring in daily takings with a fast and easy procedure: discreet sealed envelopes are directly fed into the DFX equipment available in the self-service lobby.

Fichet Group - SafeStore Auto - Safes and vaults
On-demand services

SafeStore Auto

Our self-service solutions for SDL management allow branch clients to have 24/7 remote access to their lockers, i.e. without having to access any vault.

Fichet Group - Integrated Security System and Intrusion detection - SecurWave-Securmanager - Electronic Security
Branch network management


SecurWave® offers a smart solution for the overall management of security functions over a network of branches. All security devices come under a series of modules managing functions such as intrusion detection, access control, CCTV and safes management.

Fichet Group - KelNet - Locks - Electronic Security
Secure access to safes


A high-security electronic lock certified for distributed systems of vaults and safes. For maximum security, each user ID can be associated with opening delays in accordance with specific date/hour periods.