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Going forward into a safer world starts at the entrance. Fichet's turnstiles are designed to combine minimum risk with optimum fluidity.
Fichet Group - Entrance Control

Balancing security with freedom of movement

Each site is unique and filtering requirements differ according to context. For public buildings, the foremost objective is to guide and regulate flows while more sensitive areas prioritize strict individual access control. Sports venues and airports need to reconcile both.

Supporting your corporate image

Entrance halls create a major impact on the image of your organization since they deliver first impressions to your visitors. Our products are designed for smooth operations and customized appearance.

Fichet markets Gunnebo products: partnering with a world leader in access control

20+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing turnstiles

70,000+ turnstiles installed worldwide

90M+ daily users

Fichet Group - Turnstile - Entrance Control

Cost-effective, compact and low energy consuming, SlimStile tripods offer a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor installations—wherever large and regular flows must be filtered.

Fichet Group - GlasStile RA - Entrance control
Motorized gates

GlasStile entrance gates deliver sophisticated appearance without compromising on security. An ideal solution for sites where preserving elegance is a priority.

Fichet Group - Speedstiles - Entrance Control

Combining the most advanced technologies with smart design and superior finishes, SpeedStiles provide a reliable solution for sites demanding high flow rates together with effective access control.

Fichet Group - Rotasec - Entrance Control
Full-height turnstiles

Full-height turnstiles enable you to regulate flows with a robust and reliable solution. Designed mainly for outdoor installations, they provide a secure barrier while ensuring circulation remains fluid.

Fichet Group - CompacSas RV - Security doors and partitions
Revolving doors

CompacSas RV revolving security doors offer certified resistance to physical attacks, break-ins and bullets. Their elegant frames and extensive glass surfaces blend in with existing entrance architectures.

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