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Wherever security matters, Fichet solutions make your living safer...

Group profile

Fichet Group
960 employees

Fichet Group
Fichet Group head office


Fichet Group
2 production plants in France

Baldenheim (Alsace) | Bazancourt (eastern France)


Mastering your own security empowers you to create a safer world for everyone.

Fichet mobilizes its creativity and expertise in the service of its clients to make sure they can live safely in a world of forever changing physical and cyber risks.

Today and tomorrow—with Fichet, living safer.

Fichet Group

Group history

Security innovation has been part of our DNA for 200 years…

Fichet Group - History
  • 1825 Fichet invents the anti-pick lock
  • 1840 Bauche creates the first "incombustible" fireproof safe
  • 1926 Fichet installs the first alarm system on an industrial site
  • 1947 Hygiaphone invents the hygienic counter window for germ protection
  • 1967 Bauche and Fichet merge together
  • 1984 Fichet-Bauche creates remote supervision platforms
Fichet Group - History
  • 1987 MATRA Sécurité develops the contactless MS Pass badge
  • 1989 Fichet-Bauche launches the first self-service ATM range
  • 1991 Fichet-Bauche creates the first central control unit with configurable bus
  • 1999 Gunnebo takes over the Fichet-Bauche Group
  • 2001 Acquisition of Ritzenthaler and Matra Sécurité
Fichet Group - History
  • 2005 SMI is the first remote supervision system to include IP cameras
  • 2009 First certified doors and partitions with break-in, bullet and blast resistance
  • 2015 Inviktus is the first high risk safe to be awarded triple certification (break-in, blast and fire)
  • 2017 SMI is the first access control system to be approved by ANSSI
  • 2018 Doors and windows with certified Kalashnikov resistance
  • 2019 Fichet Group created with a new majority shareholder