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Safes & Vaults

Fichet Group - Safes and vaults - Safe deposit lockers 530FX

Protecting your assets and valuables

Organizations as well as individuals remain under threat from the basic risks of theft and fire. Official statistics in France demonstrate a significant rise in the number of burglaries over the last five years and a fire breaking out every two minutes, causing tens of thousands of euros of damage every year. Fichet's solutions are certified by A2p and VdS for their compliance with European standards to guarantee the highest levels of protection against both threats.

Fichet Group - Safes and vaults - Strong safe A75

Storage cabinets offer efficient protection for your sensitive assets - incl. confidential documents and digital records - while preserving convenient access for authorized personnel.

Fichet Group - Safes and vaults - Carena

Safes are still the ideal practical solution to protect your valuables from theft and destruction.

Fichet Group - Safes and vaults - Strong room

Fichet's modular vaults provide high-performance security solutions for sectors such as banking and luxury retail where secure storage of significant quantities of cash and valuables is a priority.

Customized support

Fichet’s range of services is based on a permanent commitment to quality and proximity of service. From initial advice to determine the adequate choice of a solution to installation and training services, Fichet supports its clients to help them develop and implement the right security response for their professional environment.

Fichet Group - Safes and vaults