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Public Transports

Faced with large increases in network use, collective transport operators must deliver new efforts to maintain the best quality of service to passengers. They must also fight against fraud while making key points of their infrastructures secure in view of still considerable levels of threat.
Fichet Group - Metro

Combining security with accessiblity

Beyond security and regulatory constraints specific to each mode of transport, operators must find the right balance between efficient control and fluidity of transit in order to ensure passengers can benefit from the infrastructures and facilities made available to them.


Making passenger experience fluid and secure

As a specialist in the management of pedestrian flows and the protection of high risk sites, Fichet offers an extensive range of solutions to create fully secure environments while preserving freedom of movement, fluid circulation and operational efficiency.

Higher flow rates without comprimising on security

Fichet's automated solutions for pre-security, boarding, immigration and anti-return are designed to optimize passenger circulation.

Fichet Group - Airport
  • Guiding passenger flows while creating a reliable first barrier ahead of inspection with pre-security turnstiles
  • Optimizing the boarding process with automated speedstiles compliant with local and international regulations
  • Providing more efficient immigration control with automated gates equipped with the latest biometric technology
  • Ensuring secure passenger exits with anti-return gates and airlocks preventing unauthorized access