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As a leading security provider, Fichet develops solutions to protect business organizations, retail chains and public infrastructures against every threat—from basic to high security risks.

Our offer combines certified equipment for active/passive protection with digital platforms designed to optimize your operations.

Fichet’s expertise fosters your transition from “simply necessary” to value-creating security.


Solutions for every market...

Fichet Group - Bank


Updating local branches to offer new and more profitable services…
Fichet Group - Offices and administrations

Head Office & Public Buildings

Protecting your clients, staff and assets while preserving fluid circulation and business continuity…
Fichet Group - SafePay Retail


Improved cash management, faster processing and greater security for clients and personnel…
Fichet Group - Industry and high risk

Industry & High Risk

Designing coherent security responses to upgrade the resilience of your organization...
Fichet Group - Home


Home solutions to protect what you care for…
Fichet Group - Metro

Public Transports

Fluid and friendly passenger experience without compromising on security…
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Customer case

Automated cash management systems: what are the benefits for proximity stores?

“More time available means a better focus on customer relations.”

Lionel Vericel, CEO Carrefour Market Lyon 8, les Abrets & Oulins

Fichet Group - Lionel Vericel Carrefour Market
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Fichet News

Certified products and solutions guarantee higher levels of performance.

- New ANSSI approval for Fichet’s SMI Server solution for physical access control. Two versions are now available with CSPN certification to answer the security needs of business organizations and vital infrastructure operators looking for a robust, state-approved solution.

- Understanding the various standards applicable to security doors: watch our latest video animation.