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Understanding the various standards applicable to security doors and partitions

New ANSSI approval for SMI Server

The use of state-recommended solutions approved by ANSSI is now mandatory for all operators of vital infrastructures. Fichet’s innovative high-security offer answering this legal requirement is developed in cooperation with ANSSI.

With this latest approval, Fichet reinforces its position as a leading player in electronic security solutions for high risk sites. As of today, SMI Server is the only access control solution approved and certified by ANSS to provide a double approach to the management of encrypted keys, with both software and physical SAM versions.

Fichet Group - Access Control

Two solutions covering every requirement:

  • SMI CSPN 01-01 – Approved and certified by ANSSI, this access control system relies on a virtual software SAM. Intended for companies requiring fast and simple deployment, it provides full integration of processes governing the use of encrypted keys;
  • SMI CSPN 01-02 – Approved and certified by ANSSI, this access control system relies on a physical SAM. It satisfies legal obligations put on state operators to comply with regulations governing the restricted use of encrypted keys (mandatory physical SAM).

With both versions, communications between the various components of the architecture are encrypted and authenticated—which offers perfect confidentiality, full protection against possible equipment substitutions and a reliable guaranty against cyber attacks.

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