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Industry & High Risk

In a context of manifold threats – economic warfare, terrorism, rampant crime, vandalism and cyber attacks –, the protection of critical infrastructures requires a global security approach in order to reduce their vulnerability and guarantee operational continuity.
Fichet Group - Industry and high risk

Site-specific requirements

Protection requirements vary with each site, depending on its nature, activities, environment, in/out flows and local reaction capabilities. Effective protection also depends on the likely impact of any attack on the operating company itself, public security and the natural environment.

Creating the optimum security response

Building on our expertise in the passive protection of buildings, the filtering of human circulation and the cyber-protection of electronic security systems, we provide gradual security responses designed to prevent threats, counter them and enhance the overall resilience capacity of your organization.

Defining protection perimeters

Fichet manufactures armour-plated doors, windows and partitions in accordance with your requirements. These tailor-made solutions can cover all scenarios—whatever the expected level of resistance.

Fichet Group - Protection
  • Creating protection layers from entry checkpoints and peripheral areas down to crucial areas
  • Impeding intruders by imposing time and space distance before key individuals, objects or areas can be reached
  • Defending crucial areas while allowing for the safety of individuals in case of emergency evacuations

Flow management

Our filtering obstacles are adapted to every environment requiring strict access control while preserving fluid circulation and visual aesthetics.

Fichet Group - Flow management
  • Filtering access ways with effective control taking into account the nature of flows
  • Detecting unauthorized transit attempts at entry points as well as between areas
  • Imposing single passage and the detection of weapons or illicit material
  • Preventing intrusions from unauthorized individuals into secure areas via adequate access control procedures

Access control and surveillance

Our ANSSI-approved access control and surveillance systems provide unique user ergonomics and scalable architectures.

Fichet Group - Supervision
  • Monitoring sensitive points, surroundings and non-visible areas for early detection of any suspicious behaviour or activity
  • Qualifying situations to provide the operator with adequate means to anticipate and react with the right decisions
  • Real-time management of IDs to monitor individuals on site and check their legitimate presence
  • Supervision and management of operations to allow for traceability of all events and actions

High risk site solutions

Fichet Group - Guard tower - Security doors and partitions
Entry checkpoints

Armour-plated booth

All four sides of this standalone, self-supporting steel structure are resistant to bullets as well as break-in attempts. It offers maximum protection to personnel. It can also be customized for dimensions, finishing options and protection levels.

Fichet Group - CompacSas RV - Entrance Control
Revolving doors

CompacSas RV

CompacSas RV is a revolving security door with certified resistance to bullets and burglary/physical attacks. It allows for high flow rates and easy integration into existing building entrances.

Fichet Group - Electronic Security SMI Server
Access control

SMI-CSPN system (ANSSI-approved)

Officially approved for high risk sites and vital infrastructure operators, Fichet's SMI-CSPN system for integrated security management offers remarkable ergonomics and extensiveness.

Fichet Group - Security Door - Security doors and partitions
Security doors


For optimum protection, our DorTek range includes steel or aluminium doors compliant with the highest standards for multi-resistance to physical attacks, bullets, fire and explosives.

Fichet Group - Interlocking Door - Entrance Control
Security airlocks

SkySas, UniSas, CompacSas

Fichet security airlocks combine multiple detection devices (incl. single passage and metal detection). With superior finishes, they also provide certified resistance to physical attacks, bullets and explosives.


Customized solutions

Fully indispensable for high risk sites, Fichet's VisioS@ve system allows for tailor-made CCTV solutions relying on specific cameras (thermal cameras, panoramic cameras, cameras for explosive environments, etc.). Equipped with redundant storage devices, the system caters for every need and situation.