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SMI Server security supervision

With long-time experience in the field of access control, Fichet has developed SMI Server as an integrated solution for global security supervision. Built around an open and unified operating system, it can adapt to every security configuration or requirement.
Fichet Group - Visa ANSSI
ANSSI's approval and certification of SMI Server evidences robust performance and Fichet’s long-term commitment to compliance.


A global and adaptable response to your specific requirements.

Added Value SMI SERVER
  • Integrated solution—SMI Server operates a wide range of field devices adapted to security levels and site environment.
  • Powerful performance—SMI Server facilitates management and simplifies daily operations even for the most complex architectures.
  • Modular and scalable—SMI Server allows for customization and permanent adaptability to your organization, its sites and its priorities.
  • Open and flexible—Enabling full control of all hardware/software components in the Fichet offer, SMI Server guarantees durability, openness to external systems and very high maintainability.
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Optimizing security management

SMI Server is an integrated system designed to optimize global supervision of security over multiple sites. Relying on a single operating system, it enables full management of rights, direct control of automated devices and qualification of alarms in order to implement the right decisions.

Unified operational control

SMI Server creates an overview of all your sites and their respective security functions. The system allows for real-time local or remote management of all advanced features pertaining to access control, intrusion detection and CCTV.

Modular and open

SMI Server is adaptable to all configurations—from the simplest to the most complex. Its modular structure enables you to scale it in terms of levels of security as well as in dimensional terms. Configurable interfaces allow for easy integration and dialogue with any third-party system.

Powerful and flexible

Developed around the latest Microsoft technologies and relying on scalable architectures, SMI Server offers advanced functions to adapt to each operational context or requirement, e.g. supervision based on dynamic graphic models or multi-site/multi-owner/multi-system management.

User-friendly ergonomics

Widely acknowledged for its ergonomics, our latest - and fully configurable - operational interface is highly intuitive. It allows users to manage the entire set of trade functions with only a few clicks.

Long-term compatibility

SMI Server's very design concept facilitates compatibility with previous generation devices and offers full adaptability to the future needs of organizations. New functions are also regularly added as upgrades.

SMI Server modules

Access Control

All procedures and access types under control

SMI Servers manages all types of access from entry points, office, to the most critical areas. It integrates the various models of electronic locks as well as RFID and biometric readers.

Fichet Group - Integrated security system and access control SMI Server - Electronic Security
Intrusion Detection

Controlling and qualifying alarms

With a single click, the system allows the operator to visualize event logs, alarm transfers and feedback information from all areas under supervision.

Fichet Group - CCTV - Electronic Security

Integrated video systems

This module allows you to manage the output from the various video systems and to associate specific images with intrusion or access events.

Graphic Supervision

With libraries for icons and animations

This module enables security management based on interactive models with simultaneous visualization of logs. You can also perform direct commands.


Identification and authentication

SMI Server integrates the most recent identification technologies (RFID, Mifare® DESFire) together with biometrics and securized virtual cards.


Live communication with users

SMI Server integrates several intercom dialogue solutions and associates them with local access control and video systems.