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VisioS@ve offers a full range of CCTV management tools answering all requirements and adaptable to every configuration. Powerful and extensive, VisioS@ve integrates every image feed from local cameras into multi-screen video walls and manages storage recorders adapted to your output volumes.
Fichet Group - CCTV - Electronic Security

An extensive, scalable and secure solution for integrated video management

VisioS@ve can manage any operational scale—from just a few cameras to several thousands. Its supervision software applications can integrate the smallest recorder as well as massive server-based storage systems—with full compatibility.


A wide range of cameras are compatible with VisioS@ve

Open connections are secured via ONVIF & RTSP compatibility.

This includes Fichet's own offer:

• IP and HDTVI Fichet cameras
• A selection of speed domes
• 360° fisheye cameras
• Specific cameras (thermal, etc.)


From standalone to virtual

Fichet's VisioS@ve covers a comprehensive range of possibilities: from a standalone NVR version to a virtualized version on redundant servers allowing for the integration of any number of local devices.

As a powerful solution, its robust VisioS@ve VMS architecture relying on high-performance servers scaled and configured by Fichet guarantees a very high level of quality.

A complete software suite

VisioS@ve's software applications allow for local or remote management, alarm supervision, equipment pool management, video wall configuration, video analysis, etc.

Video walls

An optional licence for very large video walls allows you to manage up to 200 servers.

Each server can:

• Manage up to 6 monitors
• Display up to 128 feeds (depending on resolution)
• Display up to 16 zoom windows
• Display up to 16 cyclical feed windows
• Display webpages or films
• Display remote desktops

Environment and security standards

The VisioS@ve environment is very extensive: smartphone applications, registration plate readers, live connection with supervision headquarters, SMI Server connections, etc.

These VisioS@ve connections are obviously based on superior standards of security:

• AES 256-bit secure connection between servers and its Control Center application
• SSL encrypted connection via a web server
• AES 256-bit encrypted exports

VisioS@ve modules

Fichet Group - Visiosave monitoring - Electronic Security

Monitoring and supervision

- Status monitoring (cameras, recorders, connections, etc.)
- Monitoring of E/S IP peripherals
- PTZ controls
- Alarm transfers
- Graphic model supervision

Fichet Group - CCTV - Electronic Security

Smart recording

- Continuous recording on motion sensing, alarm or preset time
- Continuous recording with fps reduction without motion sensing
- Speed and quality configuration on single cameras
- Pre- and post-event recording

Fichet Group - Visiosave monitoring - CCTV - Electronic Security

Advanced search & retrieval

- Chronological search
- Area-specific search on alarms
- Instant reading
- Frame capture from running video

Fichet Group - Visiosave monitoring - Electronic Security
Pool Management

Technical supervision for up to 1,000 systems

- Malfunction feedback
- Disk capacity status
- Email alerts
- etc.

Fichet Group - Visiosave monitoring - CCTV - Electronic Security
Video Analysis

Based on any type of camera

- Counting
- Motion sensing
- Face detection
- Abandoned or missing object
- Crowd detection
- Tracking
- Heat map
- etc.

Fichet Group - Visiosave monitoring - CCTV - Electronic Security
Remote supervision

Via a web server

Compatible with an SSL encrypted connection:
- UPnP™ acceptance
- Live View control panel
- PIP, PAP, etc. functions
- Event search and filtering
- Download centre
- Operator-specific access rights
- etc.

VisioS@ave/SMI Server integration

Full integration for seamless operations

Fichet Group - Visiosave monitoring - CCTV - Electronic Security

SMI Server provides full integration for VisioS@ve in order to create a truly complete solution for CCTV supervision, i.e. seamlessly combined with access control and intrusion detection.

  • Integrated solution
  • Integration of supervision screens into the video wall to provide efficient and intuitive operational surveillance of your premises
  • Openness and flexibility
  • By enabling full control of all hardware/software components in the Fichet offer, SMI Server guarantees durability, openness to external systems and very high maintainability.


Fichet’s video solution can adapt to small target sites as well as very large ones thanks to its scalable architecture.

Extensive experience has been acquired on the installation of this system both in France and abroad.

Our teams will offer their expertise and provide efficient help to determine the right scale and configuration for all your requirements.

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